CDC invited to present at Technopolice 2019 in France

CDC invited to present at Technopolice 2019 in France

10 February 2019

CDC was invited to present at Technopolice 2019on the capabilities of European SMEs on the fight against digital fraud.

Technopolice 2019 is a bi-annual conference organised by the French Ministry of Interior and focused on technico-operational approaches to combat crime and improve security. It was opened by Christophe Fichot, Comptroller General of the French National Police.

The conference gathered 270 participants with cross-disciplinary expertise from the police, gendarmerie, judiciary, data protection experts, technology industry as well as journalists.

CDC was represented by Fanch FRANCIS, Founder of Oak Branch, and Jean-Christophe LE TOQUIN, coordinator.

More information on GendInfo, the official magazine of the French Gendarmerie

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