Copyright directive: CDC welcomes the interest for more knowledge on the capability of content identification technology

Copyright directive: CDC welcomes the interest for more knowledge on the capability of content identification technology

16 October 2019

The First meeting of the Stakeholder Dialogue on Art 17 of the Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market* took place on 15th October 2019. It could be attended remotely and the webstream is still available for anyone to watch. It focused on music, video games, and software. A second meeting dedicated to images, videos and news will take place on 5th November 2019.

From the perspective of the Cyber Data Coalition, the main outcomes of this first meeting are three-fold:

– Copyright owners are focused on maximising the availability of copyrighted content online, pending adequate licensing agreements can be agreed upon.

– The complexity regarding the ownership of rights (who owns what/manage which rights) cannot be underestimated.

– It is an understatement to say that there is not among participants a common understanding of the current capability of content identification technologies, but there is a clear interest from both sides, such as European Digital Media Association (EDiMA) or GESAC (the European authors’ societies), that knowledge is shared on this aspect, in a transparent manner.

CDC notes with satisfaction that the organisers of this dialogue have welcomed the proposal of our Coalition to provide technical information on the capability of content identification technologies. As the agenda of the meeting on 5th November is already fixed, it is understood that such technical input is not foreseen until after this second meeting.

Technology will not solve by itself the complexity of the application of Article 17, it is only one of the critical elements for success. But the importance for policymakers to understand content identification technology cannot be underestimated.

Therefore, CDC strongly encourages the organisers and participants in this dialogue to seek information from engineers with hands-on expertise in content identification and/or computer vision.

Europe has world-class engineers, both from industry and academia. Its industry deploys state-of-the-art solutions to small and global platforms.  The implementation of the Copyright Directive shall be the opportunity to showcase this savoir-faire, for the benefits of all stakeholders.


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