Articles of the CDC

Articles of the CDC

The Cyber Data Coalition is open to technology companies which share our goals and values and meet the criteria defined in the Articles of the Cyber Data Coalition. In order to establish a trustworthy relationship with our applicant members and the broader community, the articles of the coalition are provided below. Any entity willing to join the CDC shall sign these articles.


The Coalition is an unincorporated association with a non-for-profit purpose. The Coalition is called “Cyber Data Coalition” (hereafter “CDC”). This name will appear on all of the acts and documents issued by the Coalition. The Coalition is set up for an unspecified period.


The objective of the Coalition is to represent the interests of forward-thinking SMEs that have in common the following activities: Collect, Analyse and Process Data to Identify and/or Secure organisations and people.

  • COLLECT: from people (flaggers), from open sources (from the web to the dark web) and from restricted sources under lawful conditions (with permission of the owner of the data, under court order or other lawful authorities)
  • ANALYSE: in all kind of ways, from human review or automatically, using machine learning, Artificial Intelligence.
  • PROCESS: categorise, organise, classify, visualise
  • DATA: text, images, videos, audio
  • IDENTIFY: company members identify people (victims & criminals), assets and threats
  • SECURE: company members secure people and organisations reactively (after the incident), proactively (proactive measures) or predictively (threat intelligence, machine learning)


CDC benefits are fourfold:

  • GATHER: Bring together the sector, provide a place where members can join forces to exchange information, best practices and build new business opportunities, in the respect of competition rules.
  • PROMOTE: Enable business development among its members, by helping them to connect with potential technology partners and build the reputation of this new industry sector
  • STAY AHEAD: Know the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead of the sector, may it be innovation, security, regulation etc.
  • ENGAGE: Provide outreach opportunities to its members in EU circles, for direct (meet potential customers or influencers) or indirect sales purposes (policy, reputation and educational purposes)

The activities to achieve the objectives of the Coalition include the following, in particular:

  • Legislative and technical monitoring of European and international initiatives impacting the digital sector;
  • Facilitating exchanges between members, i.e. mailing list, monthly reports, etc.;
  • Promoting and defending members’ interests on relevant EU regulation matters;
  • Providing members with communication services;
  • Providing services in the common interest of the Members of the Coalition;


CDC is built on three principles:

  • OBJECTIVITY: Members are committed to develop technologies that will shape the future, but they do understand the implementation of their technologies can have consequences on people’s life, and therefore their adoption requires to engage with other stakeholders in the field of privacy, legal and policy and provide them with the relevant information that they need to do their work effectively.
  • SIMPLICITY: Technology can be easily very complex and non-technical decision makers can be easily lost when they try to understand what technology can do. It is therefore of utmost importance that the members of the coalition are committed to simplicity when they explain their solutions to third parties.
  • COMMUNITY SPIRIT: The members of the coalition believe that they are stronger together than alone. Stronger to build the reputation of their industry. More credible to develop trust with other stakeholders. More effective to share information, but also listen and learn, so the technologies they develop are used to make a positive impact on our societies.


The day-to-day management of the Coalition shall be carried out by Socogi. This will include the preparation and management of accounts.


The members of the Coalition are the signatories who have signed a contract, accompanied with this document, indicating their support with this Formation Agreement and which are in line with the Coalition’s objectives:

  • SMEs (up to 250 employees and 50M€ annual turnover);
  • Agile and innovative;
  • Based in the EU, selling in the EU, or simply interested in finding technology partners in the EU;
  • Represented actively by their CEO, CTO or business developer;
  • Which provide solutions (not only services) that contribute to secure people, assets and organisations, and
  • Whose solutions are sold or can be sold globally (or at least internationally).

Any admission of new members must be agreed to by a general consensus, explicit or implied, from the existing membership body.

Members may withdraw from the Coalition at any stage they choose. Membership fees cannot be refunded.


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