Our members

Our members


CameraForensics provides a source of information for Law Enforcement Agencies engaging in open-source online investigations that involve imagery. Investigators can use CameraForensics to search the open internet for connections to seized or intercepted media in cases involving illegal imagery. The service is used by LEAs internationally.



Being part of A Data Pro, IDENTRICS relies on the expertise of over 400+ domain experts who provide custom multilingual machine training in over 40 languages and create datasets from 80+ countries globally. This allows IDENTRICS to reach unrivalled precision rates and punctuality in automated sentiment analysis, context classification, named entity recognition and custom identification of events.


OAK Branch

OAK Branch develops platforms combining advanced statistics, semantical analysis and social network analysis to provide solutions for the analysis and exploitation of Big Data in an intelligence and investigation perspective. OAK Branch can extract knowledge from data to detect cases of anomalies, break inconsistency, radicalisation, identify information leakage, and optimise internal communication flows.



VERIFROM enables public authorities and large organisations to create communities of citizens or employees who can easily report harmful and illegal contents (phishing, hate speech, terrorist propaganda, child sexual abuse material…). By combining automatic content analysis and efficient counter-measures, VERIFROM can protect community members efficiently.



Videntifier provides large scale visual identification technology for global platforms, law enforcement agencies, content owners, advertisers and others, to identity, organize and create value from images and videos.