Our name

Our purpose

Our technologies are powerful and used to process valuable and sensitive information. This creates a special responsibility on our companies. This is whythe Cyber Data Coalitionaims to be a connector between its own members and the broader community. European policy makers, whether they work for the public sector, the industry, NGOs or academia on the technological capabilities of our companies in our respective areas of expertise.

We believe that our specialist knowledge must be made available in a simple and direct way to those who shape the future European legislative landscape.

Further to an initial series of high level meetings with European institutions in January 2018, which indicated that the CDC was bringing a valuable perspective, the CDC has spoken in March at the European Commission’s 5th Meeting Group on Countering Hate Speech Online, providing industry insight into cooperation with authorities and civil society on combatting online hate speech.

Our name

The name of the Cyber Data Coalition may sound very broad, so we would like to provide you with the rationale behind it :

  • Data: because this is the broadest term to cover the content all companies deal with, which are text, video, images, audio.
  • Cyber: because it is the most commonly used term to cover online, electronic, public and private data that can be processed for the purposes of the coalition

As our technologies are applied in many fields of human activities, from marketing to research and including security, we have refrained from including any specific reference in our name.